Hello! I'm Miloš Obradoviċ

Web designer, web developer and SEO specialist

Web design

Web design

I strive to create modern, visually appealing, functional and responsive websites for my clients.

Since each business is unique it deserves equaly unique online presence. Your website need to represent that modern image, engage your customers and introduce them to your brand.

Web development

Web development

Hand written code ensures that website follows the very best HTML5 and CSS3 standards and practices.

Depending on requirements I integrate cutting-edge technologies effectively in your website. In this process I love to use best open souce solutions and popular CMS platforms.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing

I help my clients to reach wide audience by promoting and expanding their online presence.

Search Engine Optimization is a must for any business aiming for successful online presence. I develop efective SEO strategies and use white hat link building methods such as infographic creation and guest blogging.

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Interesting stuff I've been working on

AUG 05 2012

Created LASIK Timeline infographic

LAsik Timeline infographic In collaboration with my good friend and college @arnautovics new infographic was created as a part of ongoing link building campaign. LASIK Timeline infographic describes the history and development of LASIK surgery from early experiments until modern days when LASIK become the most used elective refractive surgery.

Making infographics is hard work! This task requires gathering large volumes of facts and row statistical data. The key is to build graphicaly appealing narrative around this row data and present it to your audience in a interesting way.

On the other hand, sharing infographics is not that hard. Since they make a compelling content, it is often enough to spread initial word around and people will soon enough share your infographic among themselves.

JULY 07 2012

Guest blogging and Google's Authorship Program

Milos Obradovic guest blog author HiveHealthMedia is one of the google's official health related news sources. Recently I had a great opportunity to publish guest post on this authoritative portal and build a few solid relationship with my fellow bloggers along the way.

Post covers the subject of photorefractive keratoconomy and it's role as alternative to LASIK surgery. Also, this was ideal opportunity to apply to Google's Authorship Program and test it's impact on the SERP. Truly, when googling phrase "Photorefractive keratokonomy", my post was served to most people in my google circles.

JUNE 22 2012

Held a lecture on the subject of internet marketing in medicine

Slika If you follow my social profiles you know that one of my key areas is doing internet marketing in the field of medicine. I was given opportunity to share some of my findings with the audience on the latest Masterclass event organized by LaserFocus Centre.

Since this was non IT audience, consist mostly of doctors, I tried to avoid using confusing technical terms and keep it short and sweet while finding analogies with medical science.

On the personal note, it was quite an experience getting out of my comfort zone and speaking to large crowd.